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Neptune 7

The tough and robust NEPTUNE 7 series combines low running costs, ease of use, low noise and high cleaning efficiency. The most effective tool for heavy duty, industrial hot water cleaning in any sector.

The NEPTUNE 7 series features low running and maintenance costs, robustness, durability and high cleaning efficiency. Heating costs are reduced with the award-winning EcoPower boiler system with > 92% heating efficiency. Sound level is reduced and lifetime extended with the famous C3 pump and 1450 rpm motor

    • EcoPower boiler with > 92% efficiency
    • C3 pump with 4 ceramic pistons
    • Reduced running costs
    • 1450 rpm motor with low noise level
    • Quick Service concept reduces maintenance costs
    • Easy to use control panel, all controls on one place
    • ERGO accessory system for additional user comfort

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